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For Valentine's day: A Love Letter and a Request

1. A Love Letter

Dear Everything I Have Pretended To Be Over, It isn't true. It never was. I am not over you.

You change and evolve but you don't leave me. If I think about you every day, or only when I'm drinking tea, or just that one time on the way to Seattle when the train suddenly smelled like your coat closet, even those of you I never think about - I am not over you. And I've decided I don't mind. I'm happy keeping all of you, forever. Though, I feel shy admitting it. It seems less powerful - certainly less practical. How far could a person get traveling with such an entourage in tow? Stream-lined and sleek, isn't that the better way? Not for me. You - all the creatures I've loved and struggled with, hurt, been hurt by, wondered at and reveled in - make me deeply, richly alive. You make me better. You make me, me. I'm sorry I pretended not to know you. I still love you. Please feel welcome to stay and stay and stay.

Yours, Laura

2. A Request

This valentines day we at The Grief House would love your support. Grief is complex, it's part of almost everything, it makes love rich. Maybe you love things you can't hold in your arms, that you can't have in your day to day life, that you aren't over and won't ever be over. Please consider honoring that love with a donation to our project. We'll use it to build a place we can all go with our beautiful, crowded, complicated, hearts.

Donate! To show our immense gratitude, we're offering these tokens of thanks:

•Donations of $25 or more -- you receive a set of 10 postcards featuring the beautiful artwork of Chelsea Granger features on our website and this post. See more of Chelsea's art here •Donations of $50 or more -- you receive a set of 10 postcards featuring the beautiful artwork of Chelsea Granger and you will be entered into a drawing for one of the following Grief House affiliated services: 1. A birth chart reading by astrologer Gayle MacDonald Learn more about Gayle at: 2. A three-card tarot reading by Elayne Puzan Learn more about Elayne at: 3. Grief Thief monthly service by Alyna O'Hanlon** 4. A 60 minute massage by Laura Green Learn more about Laura at: You can also donate (and spread the word) through our Go Fund Me page by clicking here:

Help Build Our House We're so grateful for you. We're so thankful to be a part of your community.

xoxoxox Laura. Sascha and the Grief House Team

***Did I hear you ask what a Grief Thief is? It's just one of the many magical and useful services we at the Grief House are supporting and promoting! We love it. We hope you might love it. Here is a brief description from Alyna:

Below is a description of the traditional role of a thief in a coven: Thieves' abilities are aligned with manifestation. Their duty is to procure things for the various needs of the coven. The universe wants to give thieves things - they orchestrate the necessary movement of objects and energy through the community. Here's how I will thieve for you: I'll make myself available to the objects and energy that wants to come your way. I'll lift it up and deliver it to you.

Here's the step-by-step: 1. You will consider and answer the questions below. 2. We'll meet up physically or virtually to talk about your answers. 3.I'll look and listen for things that want to be with you. 4. I'll send them to you.They might be physical things that come in the mail or images by text, I might email links to things on the internets or directions to things in the physical world - everything is possible. Some days there won't be anything, some days there maybe be more than one thing - there's no way to know what will show up. 5. At the end of the cycle we'll meet again and talk about how it went.


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