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Tarot Readings with Elayne Puzan

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that have evolved over the course of many centuries. The particular deck we will work with together contains images and symbols drawn from the natural world that represent some aspect of our journey through life. You might seek out the Tarot if you want to get under the surface of something that troubles you or interests you in the present moment. During a reading, the cards can serve as a guide that brings you to a greater awareness of the inner wisdom you already hold deep within your psyche. They can illuminate the reality and the unreality that underlies the story you tell yourself. 

There are virtual way for us to work together with the cards until that great day when we have the freedom to meet in shared physical space. Email me at to talk about what kind of reading and meeting would work best for you.

Normally my rates are $60 for an hour, $40 for 30 minutes. I always offer a sliding scale. Reading Tarot with people is one of the ways I contribute to our group wellness. Always, and especially during this time of uncertainty and change, I want to make my services available to whomever needs them, regardless of financial means. If you are able to make a monetary contribution, please use the donation button below - and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are experiencing financial hardship - I'm happy to offer my services free of charge in exchange for your continued support of our community, however that shows up; maybe you’re shopping for a neighbor, maybe you’re banging pots in solidarity, maybe you’re taking more deep breaths and noticing the sky. Caring for yourself is an important way to support all of us. 

I look forward to working together. Be well.


A Few Words About Elayne Puzan, by Laura Green:

Elayne is a retired nurse and educator. She worked in hospitals and taught nursing at The University of Washington. Elayne has seen first-hand the many ways being a human can hurt and seem like it’s going wrong, and the many ways being a human is worth the trouble. She knows a lot about medicine and science, and holds all that knowledge firmly while also being bravely and resolutely held by mystery and meaning that’s invisible and unquantifiable. There’s no conflict there, for Elayne. She is loyal to both things - or she’s loyal to some third thing, some thing like truth. She is powerful and not easily daunted. She throws herself in. It feels like a choice; like she understands it’s not the only option, but if you want to throw yourself in too, she’s up for helping however she can. I recommend trying out her help. It is grounding and expansive and useful and deeply, deeply good.

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