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About Us

At The Grief House we’re working to create a kind of community for which we feel a sort of homesick longing. It feels like there was a time when we knew each other more thoroughly and moved around in each other’s lives over and over in our own unique ways. We wore our own particular footpaths through each other’s days and hearts - we miss that. It’s hard to build in modern times but we want to try.

About You

You Belong At The Grief House If:


Someone you love died • Someone you love left • Someone you love didn’t show up • Love showed up, but it’s not what you hoped it would be • Love showed up and it was what you hoped it would be, but then it changed • You lost your job • Your best friend moved • Your dog is old • Love showed up as a dog, then love showed up as a human who is allergic to your dog • Love showed up as running (or dancing or skiing or hiking or sleeping in a tent or doing needlepoint or carrying babies), but your body isn’t up for it • Your body doesn’t understand the world it lives in • The world misunderstands your body •Your body hates a thing you love • Your body loves a thing you hate • Your mother hates a thing you love • You love too many things and think you have to choose 


You want to practice being many things at once
You want to practice being integrated

You like gardening


We welcome you and your grief with no plan for what you should grow into.


At the Grief House our interest is in learning how to thoughtfully tend whatever comes up.

Meet Our Team

Artistic Director and Co-Founder


Executive Director and Co-Founder


Executive Assistant
Vibrational Healer

Our Philosophy

We honor sorrow
Grief is a normal part of living. Grief comes with all loss — including but not limited to death. New strengths arise when we weave loss into our ongoing lives.  

We value community
Gathering together can give us courage in the presence of grief. We can support each other in our grief even when the sources of our loss are different.  

We champion diversity
Grief can show up as a multitude of emotions — including joy, hope and comfort — sometimes separate from one another, sometimes simultaneously. There is no one way to grieve and no set timeline for how grief unfolds.  

We trust nature
Humans are part of — not separate from — nature. We can learn from the cycles of loss and birth constantly unfolding in wild environments. 

We embrace integration
We process grief with our whole selves — body, mind and spirit. Bringing body mind and spirit together deepens the integration of loss into our lives. 

Our Mission and Work

The Grief House creates and supports community-led offerings that foster the metabolism of grief from all kinds of loss. 

We do this by cultivating, curating, and collaborating on gatherings and experiences at the Grief House and aligned project spaces throughout the community. We work to hold physical and virtual space for grief to be expressed, shared and witnessed without judgment, and to re-integrate our experience of grief through a variety of somatic practices.

A Cat, a Chicken, & A Nun

Who lives at the Grief House?

This is Grace Green. I, Laura Green, know her as my mother. She, her cat, and her chicken live at The House. You’ll find her out in the yard, all covered in twigs and debris sawing down tree limbs and digging up rocks and roots. She is wonderful. I think you’ll like her.

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