About Us

At The Grief House we’re working to create a kind of community for which we feel a sort of homesick longing. It feels like there was a time when we knew each other more thoroughly and moved around in each other’s lives over and over in our own unique ways. We wore our own particular footpaths through each other’s days and hearts - we miss that. It’s hard to build in modern times but we want to try.


Learn more about us and our philosophy by clicking on the boxes below. If it seems like what we're making is something you might like - we’d love your help in giving it a go.

Who We Are
Our Philosophy
About You

You Belong At The Grief House If:


Someone you love died • Someone you love left • Someone you love didn’t show up • Love showed up, but it’s not what you hoped it would be • Love showed up and it was what you hoped it would be, but then it changed • You lost your job • Your best friend moved • Your dog is old • Love showed up as a dog, then love showed up as a human who is allergic to your dog • Love showed up as running (or dancing or skiing or hiking or sleeping in a tent or doing needlepoint or carrying babies), but your body isn’t up for it • Your body doesn’t understand the world it lives in • The world misunderstands your body •Your body hates a thing you love • Your body loves a thing you hate • Your mother hates a thing you love • You love too many things and think you have to choose 


You want to practice being many things at once
You want to practice being integrated

You like gardening


We welcome you and your grief with no plan for what you should grow into.


At the Grief House our interest is in learning how to thoughtfully tend whatever comes up.

Two Chickens, a Cat & a Nun

The Grief House is a home. We’re not a business, we’re not a school; we’re humans trying to be more thoroughly human.


Grace Green lives at The House, with her cat and her chickens - skunks sit on the deck with them sometimes, there's a possum with whom they share their cereal. You can read more about them by clicking on the box below.


We hope you’ll feel folded into this gathering. That’s what we’re offering. Is that a thing you’d like? We hope you’ll feel genuinely integrated in some meaningful way. 

The House
Our Hopes and Dreams

We are building a virtual and physical Grief House to carry out our work. This work is in progress and we hope to have solid, sturdy, funded foundations for each--to bring our offerings to those in Portland and beyond.

We hope to have land as well where we can gather in larger groups and for longer periods and to connect and process more deeply--with the land, with the community, and with our grief.