Sometimes we benefit from the training, guidance, and support of healers. Seeking this out is wisdom in and of itself.

Here are some sources we at The Grief House return to again and again. We hope the caregivers we’ve found for ourselves can serve as guides as you find what you need wherever you may be.

At The Grief House

Cello Sound Healing with Hannah




Sessions are one hour in length. 

Single session:  $80
Package of 3 sessions: $210

Package of 5 sessions: $350


If you have a financial barrier to the prices listed, please contact me so we can discuss your needs.

I also work with a LMT to provide sessions that include touch therapy. Please contact me for more details and prices. 

I began my working career as an ICU nurse in 2005. After working full-time for almost 10 years, I decided to pursue music professionally, and graduated with a degree in cello performance from Portland State University in 2014. I continue to practice part-time as an ICU nurse and perform as a cellist. 


Four years ago, my path led me to energy healing and vibrational healing work. Our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies, the world around us; all of it is vibrating. Through intentional and thoughtful exploration, sound healing can provide powerful emotional and physical restoration. The cello is well-known for its wide range of sonority, from the lowest to the highest registers, which makes it a powerful tool for accessing and matching the vibrations of the human body. 

My primary areas of expertise are grief, death and dying. I believe strongly in empowering others to explore the depth of the human experience, especially the emotions and feelings we are so often taught to push away. By embracing the full range of the human experience, grief can be processed and integrated, and our own mortality can be faced openly and even joyfully. 


Cello sound healing can be helpful in many areas, and I encourage you to reach out if there is something on which you'd like to consider working together. Grief is broad - there is no right or wrong source and no statute of limitations. 


I look forward to walking with you on your journey!

Massage & Flower Medicine with Lyndsey

Massage sessions are 60 minutes - $70 or 90 minutes - $90

If you have a financial barrier to the prices listed, please contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Please contact me for more details about plant and flower medicine!

I am a flower farmer, florist, licensed massage therapist and esthetician. I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2010. In 2012, I packed my bags and moved to Hawaii to learn the ancient form of massage called Lomi Lomi. I incorporate these and other modalities into my own, rhythmic flow, to craft treatments that help ease pain and support bodies as they find their own, natural balance.

My love of bodywork thrives alongside my love for native plants and pollinators. I founded Rise Blooms to share my passion for the healing beauty of flowers. I offer organically tended native and medicinal flower bouquets, culinary herb bundles, handcrafted herbal skincare and flower essences. I’m actively growing and expanding this part of my work. Rekindling the relationship humans have with the natural systems we come from and with which we’re deeply entwined feels, to me, like a vital step towards all kinds of healing.


For the past 4 years I’ve lived and farmed on Sauvie Island. I love spending time wildcrafting in the forests of my beloved Tualatin Mountains.

I feel grateful to have found work that lets me tend my human community in collaboration with the beautiful land I call home.


Jennifer Rose Marie Serna is a Latina folk herbalist, mother, regenerative farmer, land activist, skill educator, and owner of Wapato Island Farm. Learning from her great abuelita, Grandma Mary, a Mexican yerbatera and family matriarch, Jennifer began her journey with plant wisdom, healing, and food as nourishment at a young age. She has been learning herbalism for most of her life, which has deepened and grown into a practice of curandera, ancestral healing, and folk tradition practices with food, medicine, and deep soul work. Jennifer’s vision is to continue supporting BIPOC communities within the framework of healing justice, identifying holistic responses to generational trauma and violence.

Wapato Island Farm offers a wide variety of opportunities to interact with the land, its plants and its healing power.

Jennifer is dedicated to honoring and protecting these sacred land she tends with her family and the people that come to Wapato Island Farm for healing, learning, medicine and wisdom.