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One-on-One Grief Support
Hilary Rappaport

Hilary Rappaport is honored and grateful to be weaving a web of community with the Grief House. She is a licensed psilocybin facilitator and an intuitive counselor in Portland, Oregon and is our first artist-in-residence. In her practice, she is humbly committed to holding space for grief of all kinds, not limited to the death of a person, but honoring and being present with the various losses that we experience throughout our lives; including the loss of relationships, homes, jobs, dreams, and more. Her own work with psilocybin came from deeply feeling the loss of a parent and she also feels called to help others moving through the heartbreak, confusion and magic that this kind of loss can bring. Her practice is rooted in reverence for the mushrooms and for the indigenous people who have worked with this medicine for time and millennia. She makes beeswax candles, and is trained as a death doula, community herbalist, and somatic practitioner and weaves these callings into her practice as requested. She loves singing, dancing, and wandering the woods with her 5lb dog named Olive. To explore working together you can schedule a free consultation call with Hilary here

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