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Our Team

Laura Green
Artistic Director

I'm Laura. I'm a massage therapist, death doula, my mother's daughter, and many other creatures' grateful loved-one. Since I was very tiny and for a long time I was in a fight with death. I hated how unknowable she was and how she planned to steal all the things I cherished. But she was unrelenting, or steadfast; she met me every time I shouted and stayed close every time I fled. Slowly, slowly, we've forged a kind of truce or maybe even partnership. It feels better. The Grief House feels like the kind of home I've always hoped to share with her and everyone.

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Sascha Demerjian
Executive Director

I'm Sascha. I grew up with chaos and messy love. I had to learn how to live with pain and grief rather than try to resolve them and move past. This led me to pursue an MSW and a PhD in sociology. I have spent many years engaged in research, community organizing, and teaching. I am now co-creating The Grief House to create spaces and opportunities to be with and acknowledge the grief we all carry. I do this while tending to the messy love in my own home with my spouse, two teens, three cats, and large drooly dog. 

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