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Our Team

Laura Green
Artistic Director

I'm Laura. I'm a massage therapist, death doula, my mother's daughter, and many other creatures' grateful loved-one. Since I was very tiny and for a long time I was in a fight with death. I hated how unknowable she was and how she planned to steal all the things I cherished. But she was unrelenting, or steadfast; she met me every time I shouted and stayed close every time I fled. Slowly, slowly, we've forged a kind of truce or maybe even partnership. It feels better. The Grief House feels like the kind of home I've always hoped to share with her and everyone.

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Sascha Demerjian
Executive Director

I'm Sascha. I grew up with chaos and messy love. I had to learn how to live with pain and grief rather than try to resolve them and move past. This led me to pursue an MSW and a PhD in sociology. I have spent many years engaged in research, community organizing, and teaching. I am now co-creating The Grief House to create spaces and opportunities to be with and acknowledge the grief we all carry. I do this while tending to the messy love in my own home with my spouse, two teens, three cats, and large drooly dog. 

I’m Hannah. Some days I am an ICU Nurse.
Some days I am a cellist. Some days I am a cello teacher. Some days I'm a photographer. And on the best days, I work as a sound healer to help people work through grief. I'm so happy to be part of The Grief House team. Let yourself in, we're happy you're here!

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I’m Sara. I’m Midwest-grown, happiest when my hands are in the garden dirt, or my feet are taking me on an adventure in a place known or to be discovered. I’m drawn to exploring dualities, and on a forever quest to balance my nomadic tendencies and rooted desires. As a coach and human, I’m driven by the dream that radical transformation is possible in people, communities and our world. I believe that normalizing grief and grieving is necessary to usher in these changes and am excited to be supporting The Grief House in building strong foundations as an organization.

Emily Prechtl
Communications & Marketing Associate

My name is Emily. I like making images in darkrooms and showing others how to do the same. I've traveled around the world to teach English, yoga, and photography, but now I'm figuring out where my next home will be. By day, I work as a digital marketer in private equity. By night, I do the same thing but with a cup of tea. On the side, I help to translate the vision of the Grief House into online spaces.

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