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A Thing Called Green

I've been thinking about the color green. Like all the colors it is not a color. Like all the colors (and everything) it's a vibration, portions of which we delineate then name in consensus with other human-eyed creatures. Like all the colors it is a personal experience we'll never accurately communicate to each other.

We pretend together that we both know green, and I like it. I like that you want to be with me and I want to be with you enough to not dwell on the fact that what binds us is fiction. Storytelling. Once upon a time there was a thing called green... I think that's friendship: Even though I can only know my own green I will try to know your green. If I hold myself just right I can not get in the way while its shaking shakes you and if I really love you I will try to let your shaking shake me. And then, there it is - your green. It's beautiful.

I think that it's my favorite color.

More Than/Just Friends

In this episode Sascha and I discuss the strange confusion of just and more than friends. We offer hues that fall outside the spectrum as we were raised to understand it, try to see each other shake in love we can't make into easy labels and feel grateful for our perfect, wonderful only/more than friendship.


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