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Trusting the Universe

The Universe: You will get hurt and I've got you. You will experience all the things. There will be pain and there will be joy.


Me: Maybe I can outsmart the universe by planning or hiding well enough.


The Universe: Hiding may keep you from deep pain, but it will also keep you from deep joy. Your planning is cute. You may think you have control and will tell stories that say that you do, but planning or will have pain and joy.


Me: What now then? I am frightened and worry I won't survive it and if I do, I don't know that it will be worth it.


The Universe: Is love worth the risk? Even though beautiful things will not last forever and will indeed die, should we not enjoy them and revel in their beauty while here?


Me: Looking around at all the loves. I am going to be quite sad in this life.


The Universe: Yes. And you will know love.

New Portals Episode: When Harry Met Sally (and by Harry, we mean us and by Sally we mean the endless universe). In this episode, Laura and I tell our love stories with the universe.

When she first caught our eye, our courtship, the rough parts, the different ways we made up and how we feel about each other now. It's a lot like the movie when Harry met Sally but less funny and with no scenes in diners.


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