Scream & Smash

Sometimes we need to purge big feelings. Let's make a place where we can let the sharp, jarring un-quiet things out.

1. We will scream and share pictures or videos of where we screamed, stories of what it was like, or, if we are able to capture it, videos of our scream release.

a. So play with screaming, contemplate what it would feel like, why you would do it and where.

b. Consider the natural and human created places in your community where you might scream:

i. Under a waterfall

ii. Near a speeding train

iii. In a dense forest

iv. By the ocean

v. Near the airport where planes take off overhead

vi. Into a pillow in your bedroom

vii. Next to a rushing river

viii. Or wherever you are when you need to release your scream

c. Let the scream out. Share your experience. Where were you able to release? You could share your pictures or stories.

2. We will smash and post pictures and reflections and videos. Sometimes just breaking something is what we need. So, find that old mug or bowl and let’s release.

a. You can smash and break and tell us about it by sharing pictures or reflections or videos.
b. You can smash and break and then share a poem or song that was in your heart or mind when you smashed.
c. You can just smash and be in your feelings.