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Wise Shrew

Yesterday I half-heartedly asked the universe if she might have a gift for me - because of this assignment. Like asking her if I could copy off her homework. I didn't think it would work, so I wasn't really looking. I never had time to take an intentional walk - I thought I might just use a picture of an old gift and get started actually doing this project later. It didn't feel awesome...but, time is what it is. It's all I could fit.

Then, on my way to the grocery store: Wise Shrew! Oh, Wise Shrew. She is perfect. The perfect gift.

Way back before quarantine, when things were hard for me for different reasons, I found help in the idea of mole rats, which are like shrews. Naked, mostly blind, underground, moving deftly. Trusting their sensitive feet and noses. Trusting the pull of the earth and the planets. 

I'd forgotten.

Wise Shrew! Right. Wise Shrew.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.






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