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Trust Plants- Wapato Island Farm

When Jenny Serna suggested I ask the plants for help - for my body and my heart - I felt unsure. Why would they help me? I pave things and pot them. It felt risky to ask a system I’ve treated so badly to ease my pain. I thought it might sigh heavily and walk away. I wouldn’t blame it. But Jenny said they want to heal me. She said the system understands my sickness makes it sick; my wellness makes it well. It’s the plants' nature to tend and trust me. It’s mine to be healed by them and trusted. She said nature doesn’t exact revenge or deny care because of past slights - or abuses. It’s not useful. It doesn’t make the system stronger. She said I should take its help - well, with a grateful, willing heart. She said I should become nourished and then become nourishing. I trust Jenny, so I am. And this big trust I’m falling into, through my trust in her, feels like deep wellness. Complex, bottomless healing.

Maybe you'll try jumping in alongside me? You might find it good and helpful, too.



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