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It's not passive, staying - with the hurt bits and fears; it's muscular, it burns calories. If you plan to stay, you need to eat a hearty breakfast; tuck dates in your pockets to refuel as you go. It will require stamina, you should ask friends to camp along the road so they can shout your name when you get tired and start to forget if you are real. You are real. You're doing a good job. You'll need a support crew, in fact, for many things - I'm signing up. It would be my honor. Dress warmly if it's cold and then, when the staying gets hard and you're sweating in your parka, toss it to me. I'll tuck it in my knapsack and hand it back when the sun's gone down. And if you get too tired and find you need to flee, don't worry; as far as I can tell that's part of it. I am also fleeing and coming back. If you will clap when you see me I will tuck an extra flashlight in my bag for you.


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