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Grief Tending through Yoga with Morrison
Morrison Joy

Morrison is a local artist, educator, somatic practitioner, community flower bearer and grief tender who creates and fosters multi-modal spaces for healing to occur. Through their organization, Ancestral Flowers, Morrison holds sacred space for somatic movement, artistic expression, and curated wellness offerings that bring together and support the community. This liberatory work strives to honor ancestors who suffered scarcity, persecution and denial by making sure their descendents get their flowers while they are living. 


Morrison is humbled by the opportunity to hold sacred space for grief at the Portland Grief House and beyond, knowing that its integration into our lived experience and society will allow for new depths of self-liberation and healing to be realized. 


Currently, Morrison offers grief restorative yoga for community, grief restorative yoga for BIPOC, and grief restorative one-on-ones through the Portland Grief House. 


Morrison thanks those who have created and cultivated the Portland Grief House and is honored to champion community alongside another organization that prioritizes accessibility and creates space for the full-spectrum range of emotions found in the human experience. What a tender way for our grief to be held, amongst and alongside one another.



90-minute private restorative yoga for grief: $100 

Please inquire about couples, groups, and corporate offerings or collaborations via email. 


To schedule:  

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