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One on One Grief Support
Heather Dorfman

Grief Care is a deeply interconnected, mycelial web of support - in which your whole self is welcome, and held with tenderstrength. In Grief Care, your grief (and body, and heart) have space to move and find expression. Over 5 sessions, or in a one-time meeting, you will ground into the gentle and sturdy support of the deep earth, and our plant kin. You will find space and time to share your grief - through words, through nature-based art, through writing/drawing, and using technologies such as plant medicine oracle cards. In Grief Care, we call on the solidity, wisdom, and healing power of the world around us. 


Grief Care is offered by Heather Dorfman of Rose and Cedar Forest Therapy. Through Rose and Cedar, Heather guides Forest Therapy and provides multifaceted organizational consulting. She is also an adjunct professor of social work. In all of these realms, Heather is co-weaving and spellworking a world of liberation, thriving, and embodied, mycorrhizal magic for all beings.

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