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Honoring Ambiguous Loss

What is ambiguous loss? Ambiguous loss, also sometimes called grief limbo, can show up when we experience a loss with no closure and no discreet boundaries. It can present as both subtle and all encompassing.
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When & Where

Apr 11, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT


We'll gather (virtually), make something, and share our experiences of ambiguous loss. 

The activity is simple: we'll collect two or more different kinds of seeds and a cookie sheet. We'll use the seeds to make a design - a mandala. We'll take our time, we'll make it beautiful. Later we will set it out for birds and squirrels to eat. We'll let the beauty we made go in service of their fullness.

While arrainging our seeds we'll take turns ttalking about all kinds of small or large, uncertain, blurry edged bits of grief that we're holding; experiences and opportunites we thought we would have that never came or never came again, old versions of ourselves we miss, community we've lost or long for, chapters in our lives, our parents' lives, our childrens' lives, rendered on electronic platforms. All stories that come forth are invited.

You might choose to come make a mandala and not tell stories.

You might come to tell stories but not arrainge seeds.

You might come and draw or knit or string beads or just sit quietly.

We welcome and support all variations on joining.

We will begin with a breathing exercise and conclude with a meditation. 

We hope you'll come tend the ambiguous lost with us.

As always - this is a free event. If you are able to afford a $10 donation to our project we will be glad and grateful and will use it to continue to build this house, in which we hope you'll feel at home.

  • Honoring Ambiguous Loss
  • Honoring Ambiguous Loss

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