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Cosmic Guides

The one thing I know for sure is that I don’t know all there is to know. I find peace within that knowledge and an excitement and openness. That unknowing


When I am seeking, I have at times sought out cosmic guides to shine a light on the unknown. I arrive open, let this guidance wash over me and take what resonates.


Here are some cosmic guides who have helped us:

Laura - Portland, OR

I’ve never had an astrologer before – I feel happy to have gotten such a perfect match on my very first try. Gayle is kind and practical and grounded. She has a way of making it seem obvious that whatever is happening in the vast, swirling everything of planets and the universe is also happening in the vast swirling everything of me. And that we influence each other – the everything and I – in particular ways that have to do with the very specific hum that was sounding the moment the everything separated off into me. I’m still humming with that sound, which is still the sound of all the suns and moons. If I could listen to it, the humming could be more satisfying and more full, more joyful even when it scares me; trustworthy even when it’s painful.

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