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Tattoo by Emi Stone at Wonderland Tattoo - $500 value

About your tattoo: Artist Emi Stone is well-known for her beautiful work and excited to collaborate with you to create a tattoo you'll love! To see more examples of Emi's work, find her on Instagram: @emistonetattoo
(exact tattoo not pictured)

About Wonderland Tattoo:

Wonderland is a custom tattoo studio located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to provide quality tattoos in a welcoming, professional environment. Our artists blend art and creativity with modern safety standards and we are always striving to explore new creative opportunities.

Hand Forged Knife
by Ryan Smith - $225 value


About the knife: A fully hand made Brute De Forge Chef's Knife with a maple burl and curly maple handle. 

About Ryan Smith: I love forging knives. It requires a combination of hard work, creativity and magic that feels right to me. In the end, if all goes well, it yields a tool that’s sound, functional and enduring. I feel lucky to be learning what this process has to teach and glad to offer what I make to people who have use for it. and on instagram @ry_knives

Ryan will be at the house on Saturday from 3-6. 

Dark Forest / Light Forest Creative Writing Workshop Spot with Catie Hannigan
(and a copy of their book The Mutable Colors & Names of Things) - $200 value

DFLF 2024.jpeg

About The Course: This virtual creative writing course explores loss and grief through poetry, reading, writing, visual art, reflecting, self-care, curiosity, and community building in 2 hour ZOOM meetings on Sundays OR Mondays from June 9th - July 15th. Visit Catie's website to learn more: Dark Forest/Light Forest writing group.

About Catie: Catie Hannigan (they/she) is a poet, visual artist, and book maker. They have four published books, most recently, The Mutable Colors & Names of Things (2023), which explores their complicated grief after their dad's 2020 death. She has been awarded residencies, grants, and taught the IPRC's Poetry Certificate Program from (2018-2023). They have an MFA in Poetry (2017), a death doula certificate (2021), and are currently pursuing an MA in Art Therapy (2026). They are a current grief group volunteer at The Dougy Center and a hospice volunteer at Legacy Hospice, and hope to continue working in death/grief care as an art therapist post-graduation. She is currently offering a third iteration of her creative writing workshop, which focuses on grief/loss, in June 2024. 

Catie will be at the house on Saturday from 12-2.

Grief Care Bundle from friends of
the Grief House - $225 value

This bundle features many items for you and your home and makes a lovely care package:

-7 inch wide ceramic bowl by Santiago Fontenla @blood.moon.pottery

-A set of 4 handmade candles made with beeswax from Oregon apiaries, the mother, the lovers, the decomposer, and the seed. And a pair of tapers made for creating sacred space in time by Hilary Rappaport, Grief House Resident.

Hilary will be at the house on Saturday all dayShe will be offering a candle light ceremony for grief from 10:30 - 12

-Dolman top with cyanotype printed with a moon image and maidenhair fern and 2 ounce tin of healing salve. Both made by Kara Crisp

Kara will be at the house on Saturday all day.

-Poetry collection, Prayer for Relief, by Krystle Mae Statler

Krystle will be at the house on Saturday from 10-2

-Lightning Fire Cider from Wapato Island Farm -

Healing Somatic Exploration Session
with ara oshin - $168 value


About the session: 

a personalized exploration of the somatic sphere through guided awareness, movement and breath experiments, and artistic expression. ara draws from an interconnected landscape of practices, and study including: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, The Feldenkrais Method, other somatic movement modalities, and earth relating and expression lifeways.


About ara: ara oshin (they/them) is a multi-disciplinary artist and facilitator. ara creates in clay, fiber, photography, movement, shared experience, land relating and more. ara explores somatic integration and discovery at the conceptual edge between inner world and outer body. Ara offers a personalized exploration of the somatic sphere through guided awareness, movement and breath experiments, and artistic expression. Fostering a space for nourishment and self-discovery amidst the complexities of life and loss, ara's rooted presence and love for the somatic path accompany you with care and respect every step of the way as your unique experience arises. ara draws from an interconnected landscape of practices, and study including: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, The Feldenkrais Method, other somatic movement modalities, and earth relating and expression lifeways


About the art: These handmade pieces are formed of off-cuts from other projects. Each piece is many times re-born: from trees to homes or floors or sheds, reclaimed to become a pice of furniture and these creatures from its scraps. The woods include maple, walnut, purple heart, padauk and cherry.

About Jan Stott: I’ve always liked making things out of things that used to be other things. In my woodworking, any type of salvaged wood appeals to me - the remnants of an old barn, a neighbor’s discarded cabinet, pallets from the paint store. Every bit of spent material has a new life in it if you just look. 

Dreamwork Session with Tina Tau
(and a copy of her book Ask for Horses) 
- $125 value

tina + dragon_edited.jpg

About the session: Dreams are a royal road to a rich conversation with your own inner world. This session is a chance to explore and learn about dreams: how to work with them, how to recall them, how to use them to deepen your life experience. You will also receive a copy of Tina's book Ask for Horses: Memoir of a Dream-guided Life. This session could be held via zoom or at Portland Grief House and is led by dreamworker and author Tina Tau.

Tina will be at the house on Saturday from 3-6. She will be offering dreamwork sessions from 3-4:30.

Energy Healing Session with Jojo Donovan
- $110 value

About the session: A grounding, relaxing space to support you in releasing what no longer serves and calling in what does—so that you can bring a bit more freedom and flow into your life. Using a blend of Reiki, Germanic runes, and intuitive guidance, the session will help nourish and replenish your body and spirit, with particular attention to tending the energetic impact of keeping your heart awake in a time of genocide and intersecting global crises.

About Jojo: Jojo Donovan (they/them), Seven Stones Tarot supports spiritual people on the left who are struggling with the stuckness, overwhelm, and grief that often come with caring about a world in crisis. Sessions can be virtual over Zoom or in person at the Portland Grief House.

Jojo will be at the house on Saturday. They will be offering energy work from 3:00 - 5:00

Forest Bathing Session led by Heather Dorfman, LMSW & ANFT Forest Therapy Guide - $160 value

me 500.png

You and 3 of your special people are invited into the forest!  Forest Bathing is a deeply relational practice - one that offers time and space to reconnect with ourselves and with the more-than-human-world. Forest Bathing is for those with bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits that need tending. Date, time, and location to be determined between raffle winner and your Forest Therapy Guide.

Energy Healing Session with Jin Sol - $111 value

Jin Sol is a heart-led intuitive who specializes in space-holding & witnessing others in the fullness of their human experience. She is a visual storyteller, experience curator and grief doula. Her mission is to empower others to step into their unique self-expression, which requires vulnerability, authenticity and honesty. Learn how to tap into the frequency of pleasure and bliss, even during challenging times.

We are so grateful for our community. Thank you for your support!

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