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Generously donated by Sellwood Cycle Repair.

About the bike: The 2023 Kona "Coco" bike is our favorite bike at Sellwood Cycle Repair--it's beautiful and borrows from classic bike design, but is better than a classic with all the best in modern bike technology. Its step-through "mixte" frame is utterly unique in the current world of bikes and makes riding fun, and its reliable wide-range 1x9-speed Shimano drivetrain and powerful hydraulic disc brakes make it shine, practically speaking. It's also spec'd with full coverage fenders, a comfortable sweeping handlebar, ergonomic grips, a bell, and cushy yet quick puncture-resistant 650b gumwall tires. This bike sets the bar for fun, practical, comfortable but also classy two-wheeled commuting and cruising. Available in the "dusky purple" colorway and five frame sizes (XS, small, medium, lage, XL).

About Sellwood Cycle: Owned by Erik Tonkin, the shop has been open since 1991. We have always operated in a way that makes sense (to us at least); that is to say we are reasonable people and we focus primarily on service. Our goal is to help you get what you need out of your bicycle. That might mean fixing your current bike, helping you find a used or new bike, or getting you the parts and accessories you need to make your current bike awesome. We value our customers as they are an integral part of the shop - we wouldn't be here without you!

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About your tattoo: Artist Emi Stone is well-known for her beautiful work and excited to collaborate with you to create a tattoo you'll love! To see more examples of Emi's work, find her on Instagram: @emistonetattoo
(exact tattoo not pictured)

About Wonderland Tattoo:

Wonderland is a custom tattoo studio located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to provide quality tattoos in a welcoming, professional environment. Our artists blend art and creativity with modern safety standards and we are always striving to explore new creative opportunities.

About the knife: A fully customized Japanese Style Santoku Chef's Knife, made to order to your specifications. Hand forged from 1084 high carbon steel. Blade between 7 and 8 inches. (exact knife not pictured)

About Ryan Smith: I love forging knives. It requires a combination of hard work, creativity and magic that feels right to me. In the end, if all goes well, it yields a tool that’s sound, functional and enduring. I feel lucky to be learning what this process has to teach and glad to offer what I make to people who have use for it. 

Find more of Ryan's knives on instagram @ry_knives


About the cutting board: The cutting boards I make are from wood left behind bigger projects. They are, at least, twice salvaged. The 9”x 14” Grief House board is from a mix of hard woods including maple, walnut, purple heart, padauk and cherry. $100 value (exact cutting board not pictured)

About Jan Stott: I’ve always liked making things out of things that used to be other things. In my woodworking, any type of salvaged wood appeals to me - the remnants of an old barn, a neighbor’s discarded cabinet, pallets from the paint store. Every bit of spent material has a new life in it if you just look. 

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