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One on One Grief Support

Jojo Donovan

Tarot & Energy Work

Instagram @sevenstonestarot

Jojo Donovan (they/she) is the priestess, poet, and intuitive healer behind Seven Stones Tarot. Their work supports open-hearted people who are struggling with the stuckness, overwhelm, and grief that often come with caring about a world in crisis. Jojo’s offerings guide you towards the little shifts and sustained practices that can lift you out of stuck places—allowing you to move with the current of liberated love that's always there and always ready to hold you. With the support of intuitive insights from your guides, Jojo speaks directly to the wise and loving self underneath your cultural conditioning. They then collaborate with that authentic self to clear the blocks between you and your most vibrant life


Jojo's spiritual practice draws on many lineages, including Tarot, Reiki, queer animism, pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic cosmologies, and a few recovered strands of Catholic folk magic. Outside of Seven Stones, Jojo is a writer and caregiver with a love of basketball, song circles, mossy tree trunks, and pretty rocks.

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