Sun, Aug 14



Monthly Virtual Grief Spill

Join us the second Sunday of the month to share your grief, in whatever form it is showing up for you, in community with us.

Monthly Virtual Grief Spill

When & Where

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Aug 14, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



The natural world doesn't make things that aren't useful. Even painful things - fires and floods and every kind of death - support abundance. We are part of nature. What if the world needs our grief like it needs every other naturally occurring thing? What if keeping grief inside robs the ecosystem of someting vital and nourishing? What if letting grief out is generous?

At this gathering we'll each take a few minutes to spill our giref in whatever way feels right. We might talk about a thing that happened or is happening, things that are missing or out-staying their welcome. We might moan or mumble or play the piano. When one of us is making their offering the rest will listen. We'll save a little time at the end of our gathering to thank each other and talk a bit, but won't interrupt or interject during spilling time.