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Grief Companion Sessions

If you are overcome with your grief or are trying to connect with your grief a grief companion session with Sascha Demerjian, Grief House co-founder, could be a good place to start. Sessions can be held virtually or in person in the Atlanta area.

Grief Companion Sessions
Grief Companion Sessions

When & Where

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD


Working with grief requires practice, patience, time, and vulnerability. Sometimes we do this in groups, sometimes in therapy, sometimes within our community. Sometimes we need to be tended in our grief one-on-one as we practice diving into our grief and being witnessed.

I will work with you during your session to support you as you are present with your grief through empathetic listening and space holding, prompts as needed, insights we work with at the Grief House, and grounding.

A Session Might Look Like:

  • An email exchange ahead of time to better understand the landscape of your grief at this moment.
  • Somatic grounding at the start of our meet-up: breath work, movement, guided meditation to help us be together physically with more of our selves.
  • A private grief spill - a chance for you to pour out whatever is weighing on you. You can do this using words or gestures or sound that isn’t words or by drawing or writing.
  • I’ll listen and, if you’d like, write down things that feel poignant. At the end of our session I’ll give you these notes to keep and look back on..
  • I will not comment, correct, commiserate with, try to fix, or try to persuade you or your grief to be anything you are not.
  • I will offer companionship, camaraderie and orientation while you walk through uncomfortable or uncharted places.
  • Invitational interviewing of your grief creatures - I can ask questions that might help you and your lost ones know each other better.
  • Guided reflection - a chance to look at your Grief together, side by side, notice its shape, how it is changing, and what it might want next.

If this sounds interesting and like it might be useful, please schedule a free consult. You can learn more about Sascha and sign up at

Whether or not this practice is a good fit, I will feel glad to know you and your complex self a bit better. 

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