Our Wishlist

You're the main thing on our list. We'd love you to come join us.

Add to our existing Gatherings and Offerings pages, or come host your own.

We're focused on weaving loss into life. Our goal is to gather many and diverse methods to that end. Share your loss-weaving ideas with us - let’s see what we can make together.

Here are a few of our ideas:

  • We'd like a pandemic party planner. Someone with ideas about how we can all sing and scream and moan together and the gumption to make those ideas reality. How will it work? Will we choose a song and a day and all stand on our porches? Will we use Instagram? Some other type of gram? Will we be on a group phone call? A party line? Will we record ourselves and post it somewhere? What if we just want to sing very quietly at first — could we sing very quietly? If you sign up to be our Pandemic Party Planner I will make you an official Pandemic Party Planner badge and cap you can proudly wear all over town.

  • Is now the time to learn to cook fancy french pastry? Would someone like to host a fancy french pastry cooking lesson gathering? We'd like you to teach us to make croissants. We like the idea of folding and folding and folding. It feels right, somehow. Or pickling? What about pickling? Expand our Recipes for Quarantine feature by fermenting! It's come cold, and we're still apart - who will help us fill our pantries and our breadboxes with comfort and security?

  •  Are you the guiding type? We could give you the tools to guide so many things ... visualization, walks, many kinds of breath and movement — let us know what you have to offer!

Help with fundraising!

Do you know how to do fundraising? That's great, because we really don't - please come help us!!! Do you know how to apply for grants? Do you have a knack for crowd-sourcing? Are you the best at email or mail mail campaigns? We're making t-shirts and postcards - how should we use them to become financially secure? We'd like to grow and flourish - come help us become solvent enough to do that.

Help with technology!

We are building both a physical and virtual grief house. It takes a lot to build both. Is technology and web development your thing? Consider helping us develop and maintain our virtual home.

 Many other things!

Tell us what you love to do and what you'd like to make. We're curious and open and excited to hear your ideas.