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Two Hands Full of Loss

Accept is made from the root word kap, "to grasp," w

hich made the word kapati, "two handfuls" in Sanskrit. Later it made kaptein "to swallow, gulp down" in Greek, and Capax, "able to hold much, broad" in Latin.

This month we're considering what it means to accept loss. To swallow, gulp down loss. To hold much loss, broadly.

Loss, from the root word leu, ""to loosen, divide, cut apart."

For me, the words describe the thing I want quite perfectly. Yes. That's what I'll do. I will fill both my hands and swallow down loss so it can loosen and divide me; cut me apart. I will make myself broad for it and, thus broadened, I will hold much.

I can feel it and see it - can you?

Loosened like in pictures where the light shears through me. Swallowed like fields swallow mist, like mist swallows fields.

What if I didn't imagine I could keep loss out or leave it behind me? What if I let myself be opened by it and everything that streams in, and everything that flies


I don't know what that would be like. I almost know. I'd like to find out.

We could try. We could swallow loss, be loosened and hold much, together.


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