Our Philosophy

We honor sorrow
Grief is a normal part of living. Grief comes with all loss — including but not limited to death. New strengths arise when we weave loss into our ongoing lives.  

We value community
Gathering together can give us courage in the presence of grief. We can support each other in our grief even when the sources of our loss are different.  

We champion diversity
Grief can show up as a multitude of emotions — including joy, hope and comfort — sometimes separate from one another, sometimes simultaneously. There is no one way to grieve and no set timeline for how grief unfolds.  

We trust nature
Humans are part of — not separate from — nature. We can learn from the cycles of loss and birth constantly unfolding in wild environments. 

We embrace integration
We process grief with our whole selves — body, mind and spirit. Bringing body mind and spirit together deepens the integration of loss into our lives. 

The Grief House is not a replacement for skilled mental health care. We cannot provide acute crisis intervention. If you’re struggling to find the help you need, we are happy to offer referrals and suggest resources. If you feel like you might hurt yourself or someone else, help is available 24 hours a day from the National Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255) or by calling 911.

See our list of other community resources here.

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