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Voice and Sound Healing with Rachel Dugas
Raychill Vibe

60-minute voice session: $80

60-minute sound bath: $100

Hi! I am a certified sound healer, voice coach, and musician. I created Raychill Vibe as a space to offer healing and expression through voice, dance, and music. 


Voice healing sessions:

I’ll guide you through breathwork, humming, vocal toning, and a call-and-response vocal meditation. We’ll end by singing a mantra, followed by a mini sound bath. With repeated sessions, we’ll write songs together and develop your own voice practice.


Sound healing sessions:

Lie down and receive vibrations through voice, touch, and sound. I will use weighted tuning forks to apply hands-on vibration to the body and then bathe you in sound using a variety of instruments like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, koshi chimes, rattles, ocean drum, and ukulele. 


I look forward to singing and sounding with you!

If you have a financial barrier to the prices listed, please contact me to discuss your needs. 


Please contact me for more info about packages, groups of two or more and guided plant medicine journeys. 


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