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One-on-One Grief Support
Hilary Rappaport

Hilary Rappaport is a somatic-informed practitioner and artist with a deep interest in working at the intersection of healing, nature, and creativity. She comes to this work through a transformative experience with grief and has dedicated a part of her world to reimagining grief spaces where loss can be honored & integrated into our lives. A lover of the earth and a student of the plants, she has studied herbalism with the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and the Now and Then Herb School. She embraces her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and studies with the Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) Community, practicing earth-based rituals that pay reverence to the ancestors and to the more than human world. A cancer-sun at heart, she is deeply committed to creating safe space to help people live more embodied lives and to listen to the wisdom of their hearts, nature, and spirit. She is honored to hold grief writing workshops through the Portland Grief House and to work with those seeking one-on-one support to creatively explore the wild edges of their grief.

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Hilary is available to meet virtually, at the grief house, or somewhere wondrous in nature.


$60 suggested donation per session. 

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